How to install Opensuse – Tumbelweed – ChromeOS!
How to install Opensuse – Tumbelweed – ChromeOS!

How to install Opensuse – Tumbelweed – ChromeOS!

Move the debian container out of the way

Press Ctrl+Alt+T to bring up crosh (Chrome OS Developer Shell)

Copy and paste this in terminal

“ vsh termina ”

“ lxc stop penguin –force ”

“ lxc rename penguin debian ”

Create the Opensuse container

“ lxc launch images:opensuse/tumbleweed penguin ”

Login into to bash terminalen

“ lxc exec penguin — bash ”

Run this so you are updated

“ zypper up ”

Copy and paste this in Opensuse terminal

“ zypper in opi “

Install yast via opi just type: “ opi yast ” and press 1 from list and do that on more time and press 2

Now type in terminal ` opi cros guest tools ` and press 1 and install. I have made it all so its all good!

Now go to YAST and make user for ChromeOs! – this will take time. Just type ` yast ` in terminal and it will start and go to Security and click on User and Group Management and change the password for ChromeOs user (1001) and add a new user (1000). In my case, i give it name hitler to user 1000 and set psswd. Exit yast and you are back in terminal…

Back in terminal type this and set password for root “ passwd root ” add some password. Other root is 100 procent handler. To all shit..

Copy and paste this below to terminal… Change username whit your name: hitler

“ groupadd sudo ”

“ usermod -aG sudo $username ”

“ systemctl unmask systemd-logind ”

“ loginctl enable-linger $username ”

Type: opi nano and press 1 and return in terminal.

Type: “ EDITOR=nano visudo ”

# Uncomment the line that says and sett your self as root:


Final type this in terminal: “ systemctl enable cros-sftp ” for some symlinks

after that just type: “ exit ”

# ^ Go back to terminal

# (termina) chronos@localhost ~ $

Type: “ lxc console penguin ” and press enter then login as normal user. In my case hitler… then passwd…

Copy and paste in console” systemctl –user enable sommelier@0 sommelier-x@0 sommelier@1 sommelier-x@1 cros-garcon pulseaudio ”

Nove we are done =) Please reboot linux….

Tack för att ni tittar Sverige vänner // Mattias Vinberg